Welcome to Storm System Services

We believe that clean rivers, lakes and streams are vital to the health, welfare and prosperity of our nation. To the end, we support the efforts made at every level to bring the improvements envisioned in "The Clean Water Act" into reality for everyone who depends on our most precious resource - water! We get results! Since early 2000, we have performed over 8,000 maintenance operations removing 17 million pounds of material from the environment and disposing of it properly.

Our Task

Once the regulators, engineers, contractors and site owners have done their jobs by complying with the law, someone has to step in and make the systems work. Best Management Practices (BMPs) are designed to trap and hold pollutants such as sediments, trash, landscape trimmings, oil and debris. Storm System Services personnel are ready to step in to clean and to maintain BMPs of every type and to assure that the pollutants removed are properly disposed of at a permitted facility. We inspect, clean, repair and maintain the systems that protect our waters from all types of harmful materials. Most people would be shocked to realize that we remove over 2 3/4 tons of material annually from every developed acre where we clean and maintain a BMP system.

Our Promise

We provide prompt, efficient and cost effective services. You can rest assured, confident that you are in compliance with all water quality regulations when you are a Storm System Services customer.

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